Color/Film Scanning Dazzle the eyes

Our colorists average 25 years in the business. If you’re looking for better color in less time, you’ve come to the right place. Color correction is the “dirty little secret” those outside of the video production industry don’t often think about. A great colorist can make your interviewee’s cheeks rosier or turn a grey sky to blue. It can also give a dark and moody scene an appropriately dark and moody look. Color correction is an incredibly powerful tool.

As the industry moves more and more towards 4K, great color correction becomes an even more important part of the post-production process. The latest generation of high and Ultra high definition cameras give colorists more to work with than ever before. We regularly consult with cameramen prior to production to ensure that the final product will be stunning.

  • 4K/Ultra HD
  • Color correction
  • National Archives preferred vendor
  • Lasergraphics ScanStation up to 5k film to digital video transfer